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Tomas Doran
Catalyst::Authentication::Store - All about authentication stores
Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication::Internals - All about authentication Stores and Credentials
Catalyst::Authentication::Credential::Password - Authenticate a user with a password.
Catalyst::Authentication::Credential::Remote - Let the webserver (e.g. Apache) authenticate Catalyst application users
Catalyst::Authentication::Realm - Base class for realm objects.
Catalyst::Authentication::Realm::Compatibility - Compatibility realm object
Catalyst::Authentication::Realm::Progressive - Authenticate against multiple realms
Catalyst::Authentication::Store::Minimal - Minimal authentication store
Catalyst::Authentication::Store::Null - Null authentication store
Catalyst::Authentication::User - Base class for user objects.
Catalyst::Authentication::User::Hash - An easy authentication user object based on hashes.
Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication - Infrastructure plugin for the Catalyst authentication framework.
Changes for version 0.10012
    • Add Catalyst::Authentication::Credential::Remote which authenticates you directly from environment variables passed by your web server. This allows the use of SSL client certificates, NTLM, or just basic/digest auth done at the web server level to be used to authenticate users to your Catalyst application (kmx)
    • Tests for this
    • Change ->config invocations to be best practices (t0m)
    • Note about session auto-vification even when use_session is set to false (robert).
    • Note about how a realms key used to be needed to unconfuse people running an old version, but browsing the docs on search.cpan (ruoso)

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