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Catalyst::Plugin::Cache::Store - how to write a Cache store plugin.
Catalyst::Plugin::Cache - Flexible caching support for Catalyst.
Catalyst::Plugin::Cache::Backend - Bare minimum backend interface.
Catalyst::Plugin::Cache::Backend::Memory - Stupid memory based caching backend.
Catalyst::Plugin::Cache::Choose::KeyRegexes - Choose a cache backend based on key regexes.
Catalyst::Plugin::Cache::Curried - Curried versions of cache_set, cache_get and cache_remove that look more like a backend.
Catalyst::Plugin::Cache::Store::Memory - Stupid memory based cache store plugin.
Changes for version 0.09
    • Generate a warning if no config is specified, or config is specified using the old key.
    • Support the compute() method, and emulate it if the backend doesn't have it.

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