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Changes for version 1.0.20 - 2008-07-11

  • Update README.txt
  • Allow scripts to be used on multiple input files at once (processing in command line order)
    • Update footnote behavior of Text::MutliMarkdown to be consistent with the latest version of MultiMarkdown
    • Added tests for the new footnote functionality.
    • Added tests for all the MDTest corner cases brought up on the list. Noted why / how I differ from original Markdown.
    • Moved all the document tests to MDTest format. I have made MDTest test suites for Text::Markdown and Text::MultiMarkdown, containing **only** the bug fixes and behavior changes I've made, I've imported the Markdown test suite from MDTest1.1, and the MultiMarkdown test
    • suite.
      • RT#36537 doc patch to add POD to the scripts from Debian's Gunnar Wolf.
      • Mutilate the list processing somewhat to reduce the compilation of recursive regexes, and so stop perl (<5.10) crapping itself on lots of input. This isn't the full fix - really shouldn't be usng recursive regexes at all. RT#37297


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Convert Markdown syntax to (X)HTML
Convert MultiMarkdown syntax to (X)HTML