• cubic2erect - Utility to convert six cube faces to equirectangular
  • enblend-mask - Wrapper around enblend for managing external masks
  • enblend-svg - Wrapper around enblend for blending SVG layers
  • erect2cubic - creates a hugin .pto file for converting equirectangular to cubic
  • erect2planet - Extract a stereographic 'little planet' from an equirectangular image
  • erect2qtvr - Assemble a Quicktime QTVR file from an equirectangular image
  • jpeg2qtvr - Assemble Quicktime QTVR files from JPEG cubefaces
  • match-n-shift - wrapper to run autopano-sift on stereographic versions of photos
  • nona-mask - Wrapper around nona for managing external masks
  • process-masks - Preprocessor for enblend masks
  • pto2fulla - extract fulla TCA parameters from a prepared .pto project
  • pto2tiff - Batch process hugin project files
  • ptograph - generates undirected graph reports for .pto files
  • ptoinfo - Prints human readable reports for .pto files
  • ptosort - sorts .pto control points vertically
  • qtvr2erect - Utility to convert a QTVR file to equirectangular
  • tif2svg - generates an SVG file from hugin 'multiple TIFF' output
  • transform-pano - Apply a numerical rotational translation to a hugin pto file