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Changes for version 0.28

  • new tool: nona-svg - stitch a vector panorama image
  • new tool: pto2gpano - add GPano XMP metadata
  • ptovariable: support XYZ translation parameters
  • match-n-shift: create a project based on a CSV list input file
  • support new Tpy,Tpp yaw and pitch of remapping plane for translation
  • match-n-shift try and calculate fov correctly for portrait and fisheye setups
  • fix bug that failed tests with perl 5.17.*
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  • cubic2erect - Utility to convert six cube faces to equirectangular
  • enblend-mask - Wrapper around enblend for managing external masks
  • enblend-svg - Wrapper around enblend for blending SVG layers
  • enfuse-mask - Wrapper around enfuse for managing external masks
  • entile - create a tiled image pyramid
  • erect2cubic - creates a hugin .pto file for converting equirectangular to cubic
  • erect2mercator - Extract a mercator projection from an equirectangular image
  • erect2planet - Extract a stereographic 'little planet' from an equirectangular image
  • erect2qtvr - Assemble a Quicktime QTVR file from an equirectangular image
  • gigastart - assemble multi-row panoramas
  • gigatile - stitch a Hugin project as multi-resolution tiles
  • gmaptemplate - HTML template for viewing tiled images with the Google Map API
  • jpeg2qtvr - Assemble Quicktime QTVR files from JPEG cubefaces
  • lens-submit - collect lens and EXIF data
  • match-n-shift - generate a Hugin .pto project from a list of photos
  • nona-mask - Wrapper around nona for managing external masks
  • nona-svg - stitch a vector panorama image
  • pafextract - render panoglview .paf projects
  • panostart - identify likely panorama sequences
  • process-masks - Preprocessor for enblend masks
  • pto2gpano - set XMP GPano metadata in a JPEG panorama
  • pto2mk2 - Create a Makefile for stitching
  • ptoanchor - add control points to a Hugin project
  • ptobind - Join the ends of linked photos in a Hugin project
  • ptocentre - centre images in a panorama
  • ptochain - add control points to a Hugin project between consecutive photos
  • ptoclean - prune improbable control points
  • ptodouble - rescale a panorama project
  • ptodummy - create missing input photos
  • ptofill - add control points to a Hugin project between likely overlapping photos
  • ptoget - query a pto project
  • ptohalve - rescale a panorama project
  • ptoinfo - Prints human readable reports for .pto files
  • ptomerge - merges pto projects
  • ptomorph - Distort photos before stitching
  • ptopath - removes absolute paths from .pto projects
  • ptoreset - reset photometric parameters in a .pto file
  • ptoset - change settings in a pto project
  • ptosort - sort pto files with variable criteria
  • ptosplit - extracts a subset pto project
  • ptovariable - prepare a pto project for typical optimisation tasks
  • qtvr2erect - Utility to convert a QTVR file to equirectangular
  • tif2svg - generates an SVG file from hugin 'multiple TIFF' output
  • transform-pano - Apply a numerical rotational translation to a hugin pto file