* add --pidfile=/path/file.pid option and document the command
          line options (Ask Bjoern Hansen)

1.04 2007-02-20

        * Add maximum jobqueue size feature, with a test.

1.03 2006-09-25

        * "version" text command

        * weakref client connections in listeners list so they go away.
          still wondering why the jobs holding them lasted so long.
          or was it a loop?  time will tell.  go gladiator.

1.02  2006-09-20

        * Devel::Gladiator support for tracking elusive memory leak

        * support for "shutdown" and "shutdown graceful" commands,
          the latter of which immediate stops listens, and exits
          when convenient

1.01  2006-07-01

        * Artur Bergman backed out some changes seconds before I did
          the 1.00 release.  this puts them back in.

1.00  2006-07-01

        * the get-it-on-CPAN-finally release.  but forgot this changes

0.30  2006-06-27

        * fix memory leak with sleepers list.  change it from list to hash
          so there can't be dups, as there were before, when a worker
          could do multiple functions.