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Coverage Status

The Business::ISBN::Data module

Version 20191107 changed the internal data structure. You need Business::ISBN 3.005 to use this new data structure. Installing the right Business::ISBN with cpan should update this for you. However, installing this module by itself will not update Business::ISBN for you.

This is the README for the Business::ISBN::Data Perl module. You're probably looking at this because you don't know where else to find what you're looking for. Read this once and you might never have to read one again for any Perl module.


To read about Business::ISBN::Data, look at the embedded documentation in the module itself. Inside the distribution, you can format it with perldoc:

        % perldoc lib/Business/ISBN/

If you have already installed the module, you can specify the module name instead of the file location:

        % perldoc Business::ISBN::Data

You can read the documentation and inspect the meta data on MetaCPAN.

The standard module documentation has example uses in the SYNOPSIS section, but you can also look in the examples/ directory (if it's there), or look at the test files in t/.


Usually you don't need to install this module on its own because Business::ISBN will do it for you. You should always try this first:

        % cpan Business::ISBN

However, this module might update with the latest data even though Business::ISBN did not change. In that case, you can install this directly:

        % cpan Business::ISBN::Data
        % cpanm Business::ISBN::Data

You can also install directly from the distribution directory, which will also install the dependencies:

        % cpan .
        % cpanm .

You could install just this module manually:

        % perl Makefile.PL
        % make
        % make test
        % make install

You probably don't want to do that unless you're fiddling with the module and only want to run the tests without installing anything.

Source location

The meta data, such as the source repository and bug tracker, is in Makefile.PL or the META.* files it creates. You can find that on those CPAN web interfaces, but you can also look at files directly in the source repository:

If you find a problem, file a ticket in the issue tracker:

Getting help

Although I'm happy to hear from module users in private email, that's the best way for me to forget to do something.

Besides the issue trackers, you can find help at Perlmonks or Stackoverflow, both of which have many competent Perlers who can answer your question, almost in real time. They might not know the particulars of this module, but they can help you diagnose your problem.

You might like to read brian's Guide to Solving Any Perl Problem.

You should have received a LICENSE file, but the license is also noted in the module files. About the only thing you can't do is pretend that you wrote code that you didn't.

Good luck!


brian d foy,