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Brian Cassidy
Config::Any - Load configuration from different file formats, transparently
Config::Any::Base - Base class for loaders
Config::Any::General - Load Config::General files
Config::Any::INI - Load INI config files
Config::Any::JSON - Load JSON config files
Config::Any::Perl - Load Perl config files
Config::Any::XML - Load XML config files
Config::Any::YAML - Load YAML config files
Changes for version 0.15
    • when use_ext is true, we will check to see if there are no supported modules for a particular file. instead of the file being skipped, an error will be thrown (RT #38927).
    • also, when use_ext is true, a fatal error will be thrown if there are no loaders available that understand the file extension.
    • officially support multiple loaders per extension
    • add a Config::Any::Base for all loaders to inherit from, plus add a new dependency mechanism: requires_any_of() and requires_all_of().
    • filter out loaders that don't inherit from Config::Any::Base (RT #40830)

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