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Revision history for Perl extension Kelp::Module::Symbiosis.

1.14 Wed May 11 2022
	- remove broken homepage link

1.13 Wed May 11 2022
	- maintenance work
	- switch to Dist::Zilla

1.12 Sun Jul 4 2021
	- remove deprecated features
	- add Symbiosis middleware, which work for all the applications

1.11 Mon Jan 18 2021
	- fix KelpX::Symbiosis::Test->can to match autoload
	- add reverse_proxy configuration field

1.10 Sat Jan 16 2021
	- deprecate 'automount' config, introduce 'mount' in its place
	- deprecate K::M::Symbiosis::Test, introduce KelpX::Symbiosis::Test
	- KelpX::Symbiosis::Test class now offers a 'wrap' method for easier setup
	- Symbiosis must now be loaded before any module that uses it
	- child modules should now have a 'name' method, returning their name
	- child modules now register themselves into 'loaded' method (hash)
	- child modules can now specify 'mount' in their config
	- 'mount' method now also allows mounting modules by their name
	- mounting the same object in many paths will now only call its 'run' once
	- update and improve test cases
	- maintenance work

1.01 Wed Jan 13 2021
	- deprecate run_all, use run instead ($kelp->run_all stays the same)
	- symbiosis can now mount plain coderefs
	- add explicit version number to each package in module
	- new documentation
	- better test cases
	- maintenance work

1.00 Tue Feb 18 2020
	- First release