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Changes for version 0.43

  • Set objects now have member_iterator() method. Data loaded from an RDBMS during the life of a program can be copied to an alternate database. Use the "C" collation with PostgreSQL when doing an order-by on a text-type column to match how UR will sort cached objects using perl's cmp. Singleton accessors can be called on the class as well as the instance. Class initializer is more strict about what is a valid property name; it must be a valid function name. Added UR::Value::JSON class. Its "id" is a JSON-encoded string of the instance's properties and values. Added UR::Context::Transaction::eval() and do() functions to wrap software transactions around blocks. Added UR::DataSource::RDBMSRetriableOperations mixin class to allow RDBMSs to control whether failed DB operations should be retried. Added signals for when a data source fails a query or commit, and when the handle is created or disconnected. Added signal to UR::Context for when synchronizing to the datasources has succeeded or failed. Added 'isa' operator to boolean expressions. Evaluates to true if the attribute isa the given class. Fixed a bug where a Set object's value for an aggregate would be incorrect if cached member objects' values change. Fixed a bug where UR objects frozen in boolean expressions could cause database rows to be deleted when thawed. UR's class browser (ur sys class-browser) is working again.
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