Wiki::Gateway - library for interacting with remote wikis


use Wiki::Gateway;

$result = Wiki::Gateway::getPage('', $wiki_type, 'SandBox');

$result = Wiki::Gateway::putPage('', $wiki_type, 'SandBox', $page_source_text);

$timestamp = Wiki::Gateway::daysAgoToDate(1); $result = Wiki::Gateway::getRecentChanges('',$wiki_type, $timestamp);

$result = Wiki::Gateway::getAllPages('',$wiki_type);

# to check if there was an error, and to see what it was if so: if (Wiki::Gateway::getLastExceptionType()) { print Wiki::Gateway::getLastExceptionType() . "\n"; }


Wiki::Gateway allows you to interact with remote wikis. It presents a unified API for interfacing with a variety of different wiki engines. It allows you to read, to write, to get RecentChanges, and to get a list of all pages on the target wiki.

Right now, WikiGateway supports (i.e. knows how to talk to) the following wiki engines:

 * MoinMoin             
     $wiki_type = "moinmoin1"
 * UseMod version 1.0         
     $wiki_type = "usemod1"
 * Some older UseMod versions (tested on .91) 
     $wiki_type = "usemod1"
 * OddMuse                    
     $wiki_type = "oddmuse1"
 * Any wiki which provides the WikiRPCInterface2 XMLRPC interface
     $wiki_type = "xmlrpc2"


Wiki::Gateway is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

Wiki::Gateway is copyright (c) 2004-2005 Bayle Shanks.


 Bayle Shanks
 L. M. Orchard
 David Jacoby

 (see CREDITS.txt for more detail)

To get help, email the WikiGateway users' mailing list:


Wiki::Gateway is part of a suite of related programs, including a command-line client, a Python API, an Atom gateway server which can act as a proxy for a wiki, an XML-RPC gateway server, a WebDAV gateway server, and more. See for more information.