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Changes for version 0.50

  • Complete rewrite incorporating the following changes.
  • Requires 5.00503. This allowed the module to get rid of the global cache for shared memory segments; each Shareable object now carries around its own data.
  • 5.00503 also allowed tied arrays to be implemented
  • Shared memory segments can no longer be of infinite length thereby reducing the amount of code in the module by a factor of 2.
  • Uses IPC::Shareable::SharedMem class for accessing shared memory.
  • Uses IPC::Semaphore module for accessing semaphores.
  • Completely revisited the way references are dealed with: all referenced thingies are now automagically tied to shared memory.
  • Constants now imported from IPC::SysV; Shareable.xs is gone
  • Rewrote test suite and moved into t subdirectory
  • Updated man page


share Perl variables between processes
Object oriented interface to shared memory