Ron Savage
and 1 contributors

Changes for version 1.04

  • Remove EO::Array from config/module.list.ini because it won't install. This means it is no longer included in any reports.
  • Add Set::Equivalence in module.list.ini, but don't try to test its features.
  • Convert from Hash::FieldHash to Moo.
  • Convert from Perl6::Slurp to File::Slurper.
  • Convert from Test::More to Test::Stream. Test::More is still used for pod tests.
  • Remove Build.PL.
  • Update pre-reqs in Makefile.PL.
  • Chop benchmarks copied from docs for Set::Tiny.
  • Re-create html/
  • Add repo to docs and Makefie.PL.
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