package Bio::Tools::EUtilities::Link;
$Bio::Tools::EUtilities::Link::VERSION = '1.77';
use utf8;
use strict;
use warnings;
use base qw(Bio::Tools::EUtilities Bio::Tools::EUtilities::EUtilDataI);
use Bio::Tools::EUtilities::Link::LinkSet;

# ABSTRACT: General API for accessing data retrieved from elink queries.
# AUTHOR:   Chris Fields <>
# OWNER:    2006-2013 Chris Fields
# LICENSE:  Perl_5

# private EUtilDataI method

    my %SUBCLASS = (
                    'LinkSetDb' => 'dblink',
                    'LinkSetDbHistory' => 'history',
                    'IdUrlList' => 'urllink',
                    'IdCheckList' => 'idcheck',
                    'NoLinks' => 'nolinks',

sub _add_data {
    my ($self, $data) = @_;
    # divide up per linkset
    if (!exists $data->{LinkSet}) {
        $self->warn("No linksets returned");
    for my $ls (@{ $data->{LinkSet} }) {
        my $subclass;
        # attempt to catch linkset errors
        if (exists $ls->{ERROR}) {
            my ($error, $dbfrom) = ($ls->{ERROR},$ls->{DbFrom});
            $self->warn("NCBI LinkSet error: $dbfrom: $error\n");
            # try to save the rest of the data, if any
        # caching for efficiency; no need to recheck
        if (!exists $self->{'_subclass_type'}) {
            ($subclass) = grep { exists $ls->{$_} } qw(LinkSetDb LinkSetDbHistory IdUrlList IdCheckList);
            $subclass ||= 'NoLinks';
            $self->{'_subclass_type'} = $subclass;
        } else {
            $subclass = $self->{'_subclass_type'};
        # split these up by ID, since using correspondence() clobbers them...
        if ($subclass eq 'IdUrlList' || $subclass eq 'IdCheckList') {
            my $list = $subclass eq 'IdUrlList' ? 'IdUrlSet' :
                $subclass eq 'IdCheckList' && exists $ls->{$subclass}->{IdLinkSet} ? 'IdLinkSet' :
            $ls->{$subclass} = $ls->{$subclass}->{$list};
        # divide up linkset per link
        for my $ls_sub (@{ $ls->{$subclass} }) {
            for my $key (qw(WebEnv DbFrom IdList)) {
                $ls_sub->{$key} = $ls->{$key} if exists $ls->{$key};
            my $obj = Bio::Tools::EUtilities::Link::LinkSet->new(-eutil => 'elink',
                                                    -datatype => $SUBCLASS{$subclass},
                                                    -verbose => $self->verbose);
            push @{$self->{'_linksets'}}, $obj;
            # push only potential history-carrying objects into history queue
            if ($subclass eq 'LinkSetDbHistory') {
                push @{$self->{'_histories'}}, $obj;


sub to_string {
    my $self = shift;
    my $string = $self->SUPER::to_string;
    while (my $ls = $self->next_LinkSet) {
        $string .= $ls->to_string;
    return $string;




=encoding UTF-8

=head1 NAME

Bio::Tools::EUtilities::Link - General API for accessing data retrieved from elink queries.

=head1 VERSION

version 1.77




Bio::Tools::EUtilities::Link is a loadable plugin for Bio::Tools::EUtilities
that specifically handles NCBI elink-related data.

=head2 to_string

 Title    : to_string
 Usage    : $foo->to_string()
 Function : converts current object to string
 Returns  : none
 Args     : (optional) simple data for text formatting
 Note     : Used generally for debugging and for various print methods


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=head1 AUTHOR

Chris Fields <>


This software is copyright (c) 2006-2013 by Chris Fields.

This software is available under the same terms as the perl 5 programming language system itself.