Ryo Anazawa

Changes for version 0.02004

  • component_base_class() defaults to 'Blosxom::Plugin'
  • mk_accessors() takes the same argument as Class::Accessors::mk_accessors() does:
    • __PACKAGE__->mk_accessors(qw/foo bar car/);
    • When you specify the default value of the field, you must pass a hash reference explicitly:
      • __PACKAGE__->mk_accessors( 'foo' => \&default );
      • become __PACKAGE__->mk_accessors({ 'foo' => \&default });
  • Add add_component() which can be used to load additional components while loading components. If the added component has been loaded already, that component will not be loaded again to avoid loading components recursively.
  • Blosxom::Plugin::Web* will be removed in 0.03 because you can "use CGI;" simply in your plugins ;)
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