Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp

Changes for version 0.1.0

  • Fixed some issues remaining in parse_bot_command() of Bot::Net::Util.
  • Added requirements for Data::Remember 0.07 to take advantage of new features.
  • Added a warning to parse_bot_command() to report when it is given an empty string.
  • Bot::Net->log() returns a logger using the application class name rather than "Bot::Net" when given no arguments.
  • IRC servers may now include peer configurations so that you can have multiple servers working together in an single IRC network without any special customizations.
  • Fixed missing requirements in Makefile.PL for POE::Component::IRC and POE::Component::Server::IRC.
  • The process reaper in Bot::Net::Test works better when children are reaped at the end of a test run.
  • Altered the reaper messages so they don't include the wheel ID anymore.
  • Added support for the BOT_NET_CONFIG_PATH environment variable which allows the person running the botnet script to select alternate locations for the configuration files.
  • Servers and bots spawned during testing by Bot::Net::Test will try to load configuration files in t/etc first.
  • Bot::Net::Log will also use BOT_NET_CONFIG_PATH when looking for the log4perl.conf file for initializing Log::Log4perl.
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  • botnet - A script to manage a Bot::Net application