=head1 NAME

brackup - do a backup using Brackup


 $ brackup [-v] --from=<source> --to=<target> [--output=my_backup.brackup] [--save-stats]

=head2 OPTIONS

=over 4

=item --from=NAME

Required.  The source or root of your backup.  Must match a [SOURCE:NAME]
config section in your ~/.brackup.conf (which is auto-created for you
on first run, so then you just have to go modify it). See L<Brackup::Root>
for more.

=item --to=NAME

Required.  The destination or target for your backup.  Must match a 
[TARGET:NAME] config section in your ~/.brackup.conf. See L<Brackup::Target>
for more.

=item --output=FILE

Optional.  Defaults to "source-target-YYYYMMDD.brackup".  This is the 
"metafile" index you'll need to do a restore.

=item --config=FILE

Specify the configuration file to use; defaults to ~/.brackup.

=item --save-stats[=FILE]

Optional.  Flag to indicate that stats output should be recorded to a
file. If =FILE is omitted, defaults to "source-target-YYYYMMDD.stats."

=item --verbose|-v

Show status during backup.

=item --dry-run

Don't actually store any data on the target.

=item --du-stats

Prints the size, in kB, of data underneath each directory
(recursively) which will be backed up.

=item --zenityprogress

Produces output suitable for piping into C<zenity --progress> to get a
pretty GUI progress bar while running a backup.  This option is
incompatable with C<--verbose>, as both print to STDOUT.

=item --list-sources

List the names of the sources defined in your configuration file.

=item --list-targets

List the names of the targets defined in your configuration file.



Brackup is distributed as-is and comes without warranty of any kind,
expressed or implied.  We aren't responsible for your data loss.

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=head1 AUTHOR

Brad Fitzpatrick E<lt>brad@danga.comE<gt>

Copyright (c) 2006-2007 Six Apart, Ltd. All rights reserved.

This module is free software. You may use, modify, and/or redistribute this
software under the terms of same terms as perl itself.


use strict;
use warnings;
use Getopt::Long;

use Cwd;
use FindBin qw($Bin);
use lib "$Bin/lib";

use Brackup;
use Brackup::Util qw(noclobber_filename);

my ($src_name, $target_name, $backup_file, $stats_file, $opt_help);
my $opt_dryrun;
my $opt_verbose;
my $opt_du_stats;
my $opt_zenityprogress;
my ($opt_list_sources, $opt_list_targets);

my $config_file = Brackup::Config->default_config_file_name;
my $arguments = join(' ', @ARGV);

usage() unless
               'from=s'    => \$src_name,
               'to=s'      => \$target_name,
               'verbose'   => \$opt_verbose,
               'zenity-progress' => \$opt_zenityprogress,
               'output=s'  => \$backup_file,
               'save-stats:s' => \$stats_file,
               'help'      => \$opt_help,
               'dry-run'   => \$opt_dryrun,
               'du-stats'  => \$opt_du_stats,
               'config=s'  => \$config_file,
               'list-sources'   => \$opt_list_sources,
               'list-targets'   => \$opt_list_targets,
usage() if @ARGV;

if ($opt_help) {
    eval "use Pod::Usage;";
    Pod::Usage::pod2usage( -verbose => 1, -exitval => 0 );
    exit 0;

if ($opt_verbose && $opt_zenityprogress) {
    die "Can't use --verbose and --zenity-progress at the same time";

my $config = eval { Brackup::Config->load($config_file) } or

if ($opt_du_stats && $src_name) {
    my $root = eval { $config->load_root($src_name); } or
        die "Bogus --from name";
    exit 0;

if ($opt_list_sources) {
    print join("\n", $config->list_sources), "\n";
    exit 0;
if ($opt_list_targets) {
    print join("\n", $config->list_targets), "\n";
    exit 0;

usage() unless $src_name && $target_name;

my $cwd = getcwd();

sub usage {
    my $why = shift || "";
    if ($why) {
        $why =~ s/\s+$//;
        $why = "Error: $why\n\n";
    die "${why}brackup --from=[source_name] --to=[target_name] [--output=<backup_metafile.brackup>]\nbrackup --help\n";

my $root = eval { $config->load_root($src_name); } or

my $target = eval { $config->load_target($target_name); } or

my @now = localtime();
$backup_file ||= sprintf("%s-%s-%04d%02d%02d.brackup", 
    $root->name, $target->name, $now[5]+1900, $now[4]+1, $now[3]);
$backup_file =~ s!^~/!$ENV{HOME}/! if $ENV{HOME};
$backup_file = "$cwd/$backup_file" unless $backup_file =~ m!^/!;

if (defined $stats_file) {
  if ($stats_file eq '') {
    ($stats_file = $backup_file) =~ s/(\.brackup)?$/.stats/;
  else {
    $stats_file = "$cwd/$stats_file" unless $stats_file =~ m!^/!;
$backup_file = noclobber_filename($backup_file);
$stats_file = noclobber_filename($stats_file) if $stats_file;

my $backup = Brackup::Backup->new(
                                  root           => $root,
                                  target         => $target,
                                  dryrun         => $opt_dryrun,
                                  verbose        => $opt_verbose,
                                  zenityprogress => $opt_zenityprogress,

if (my $stats = eval { $backup->backup($backup_file) }) {
    warn "Backup complete.\n" if $opt_verbose;

    $stats->set('Run Arguments:' => $arguments);
    if ($opt_dryrun || $opt_verbose) {
    if ($stats_file) {
    exit 0;
} else {
    warn "Error running backup: $@\n";
    exit 1;