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Al Newkirk
Bubblegum - Opinionated Modern Perl Development Framework
Bubblegum::Class - Object Orientation for Bubblegum via Moo
Bubblegum::Constraints - Type and Constraints Library for Bubblegum
Bubblegum::Exception - General Purpose Exception Class for Bubblegum
Bubblegum::Object::Array - Common Methods for Operating on Array References
Bubblegum::Object::Code - Common Methods for Operating on Code References
Bubblegum::Object::Hash - Common Methods for Operating on Hash References
Bubblegum::Object::Instance - Generic Container Class for Passing Data
Bubblegum::Object::Integer - Common Methods for Operating on Integers
Bubblegum::Object::Number - Common Methods for Operating on Numbers
Bubblegum::Object::Scalar - Common Methods for Operating on Scalars
Bubblegum::Object::String - Common Methods for Operating on Strings
Bubblegum::Object::Undef - Common Methods for Operating on Undefined Values
Bubblegum::Object::Universal - Common Methods for Operating on Defined Values
Bubblegum::Role - Class Component System for Bubblegum via Moo::Role
Bubblegum::Singleton - Singleton Pattern for Bubblegum via Moo
Bubblegum::Wrapper::Digest - Bubblegum Wrapper around Hashing Algorithms
Bubblegum::Wrapper::Dumper - Bubblegum Wrapper around Data Dumping
Bubblegum::Wrapper::Encoder - Bubblegum Wrapper around Content Encoding
Bubblegum::Wrapper::Json - Bubblegum Wrapper around JSON Serialization
Bubblegum::Wrapper::Yaml - Bubblegum Wrapper around YAML Serialization
Bubblegum::Object::Float in lib/Bubblegum/Object/Float.pm
Bubblegum::Object::Role::Coercive in lib/Bubblegum/Object/Role/Coercive.pm
Bubblegum::Object::Role::Collection in lib/Bubblegum/Object/Role/Collection.pm
Bubblegum::Object::Role::Comparison in lib/Bubblegum/Object/Role/Comparison.pm
Bubblegum::Object::Role::Defined in lib/Bubblegum/Object/Role/Defined.pm
Bubblegum::Object::Role::Indexed in lib/Bubblegum/Object/Role/Indexed.pm
Bubblegum::Object::Role::Indirect in lib/Bubblegum/Object/Role/Indirect.pm
Bubblegum::Object::Role::Item in lib/Bubblegum/Object/Role/Item.pm
Bubblegum::Object::Role::Keyed in lib/Bubblegum/Object/Role/Keyed.pm
Bubblegum::Object::Role::List in lib/Bubblegum/Object/Role/List.pm
Bubblegum::Object::Role::Output in lib/Bubblegum/Object/Role/Output.pm
Bubblegum::Object::Role::Ref in lib/Bubblegum/Object/Role/Ref.pm
Bubblegum::Object::Role::Value in lib/Bubblegum/Object/Role/Value.pm
Bubblegum::Role::Configuration in lib/Bubblegum/Role/Configuration.pm
Changes for version 0.27
    • Updated POD, README, and Makefile.
    • Fix to prevent autoboxing from creating Moo objects.
    • Removed all-fatal warnings configuration.
    • Miscellaneous POD Update (main module).

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