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Chris Dolan
appendpdf.pl - Append one PDF to another
changepagestring.pl - Search and replace in all PDF pages
changepdfstring.pl - Search and replace in PDF metadata
changerefkeys.pl - Search and replace PDF object numbers in the Trailer
crunchjpgs.pl - Compress all JPG images in a PDF
deillustrate.pl - Remove Adobe Illustrator metadata from a PDF file
deletepdfpage.pl - Remove one or more pages from a PDF
extractallimages.pl - Save copies of all PDF images to a directory
extractjpgs.pl - Save copies of all PDF JPG images to a directory
fillpdffields.pl - Replace PDF form fields with specified values
getpdffontobject.pl - Print the PDF form field names
getpdfpage.pl - Print the PDF page layout commands
getpdfpageobject.pl - Print the PDF page metadata
getpdftext.pl - Extracts and print the text from one or more PDF pages
listfonts.pl - Print details of the fonts used in the PDF
listimages.pl - Save copies of all PDF JPG images to a directory
listpdffields.pl - Print the PDF form field names
pdfinfo.pl - Print information about PDF file(s)
readpdf.pl - Read a PDF document
renderpdf.pl - Applies a renderer to one or more PDF pages
replacepdfobj.pl - Copy a metadata object from one PDF to another
revertpdf.pl - Remove the last edits to a PDF document
rewritepdf.pl - Rebuild a PDF file
setpdfbackground.pl - Apply a background color to a PDF page
setpdfpage.pl - Replace a page of PDF layout
stamppdf.pl - Apply a mark to each page of a PDF
uninlinepdfimages.pl - Save copies of all PDF JPG images to a directory
CAM::PDF - PDF manipulation library
CAM::PDF::Content - PDF page layout parser
CAM::PDF::Decrypt - PDF security helper
CAM::PDF::GS - PDF graphic state
CAM::PDF::GS::NoText - PDF graphic state
CAM::PDF::Node - PDF element
CAM::PDF::PageText - Extract text from PDF page tree
CAM::PDF::Renderer::Dump - Print the graphic state of each node
CAM::PDF::Renderer::Images - Find all of the images in a page
CAM::PDF::Renderer::Text - Render an ASCII image of a PDF page
CAM::PDF::Renderer::TextFB - Framebuffer for CAM::PDF::Renderer::Text
Changes for version 1.60
    • Added min/max font size for form field filling. Thanks to Gareth Tunley for the idea and the initial code

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