Revision history for Perl module File::RsyncP.

0.47 Sun Mar 14 21:37:22 PST 2004

  - Changed FileList/FileList.xs so that uid, gid, mode and mtime
    are forced to be unsigned.  This fixes a problem new to 0.46 that
    was introduced when newSVuv was replaced with newSVnv to back
    port to 5.005_03.

0.46 Sun Feb  8 18:11:30 PST 2004

  - Put $VERSION on a new line in lib/File/ and
    lib/File/RsyncP/ so CPAN can correctly extract
    the version.  No functional change from 0.45.

0.45 Sat Feb  7 15:37:51 PST 2004

  - Patch from Marlin Prowell for FileList/flist.c that solves a
    subtle file list corruption problem.  In particular, f->lastdir
    was being set too early in receive_file_entry(), potentially
    before it returned to fetch more data and restart.

  - Patches from Lars Thegler to back port to perl 5.005_03.

  - Added Getopt::Long => 2.24 to PREREQ_PM in Makefile.PL, since the
    OO interface to Getopt::Long that we use was added in this version.

0.44 Wed Jul 23 21:31:18 PDT 2003

  - Fixes to FileList for large file support.

0.43 Sun Jul 20 00:03:40 PDT 2003

  - Changed file length, dev and inode to double.

  - Added File::RsyncP::Digest->protocol, including support for
    protocol version >= 27 (after MD4 fixes).

  - Added File::RsyncP::Digest->digest2 that returns the old (buggy)
    and new styles of the MD4 digest.

0.42 Sat Jul 12 09:53:40 PDT 2003

  - Replaced regexp with split() due to 5.8.0 regexp performance problem.

  - Replace $rs->getChunk with rs->getData in final handshake.

0.41 Sat May 10 20:39:33 PDT 2003

  - Fixed VERSION settings

  - Removed inline function in flist.h

0.40 Sat May 10 11:51:58 PDT 2003

  - add pidHandler() callback to caller knows the children's pids.

  - replaced seek() with sysseek() in File::RsyncP::FileIO.

0.31 Sun Feb 23 15:17:05 PST 2003

  - Added new stat remoteErrCnt, which counts the number of error
    messages returned by the remote side.

  - Couple of minor documentation changes.

0.30 Sun Feb  9 23:06:42 PST 2003

  - Added timeout parameter to File::RsyncP->new.

  - Fixed File::RsyncP::FileIO to handle a received file whose
    size changed from the file list.

0.20 Fri Jan 17 22:24:11 PST 2003

  - Added rsyncCmdType argument to File::RsyncP->new.

  - Allowed rsyncCmd to be a code reference.

  - Added logHandler to File::RsyncP::FileIO->new, allowing a callback
    style log function rather than logMsg.

  - Added logHandlerSet to File::RsyncP::FileIO.

  - Added optional needMD4 argument to File::RsyncP::FileIO->csumStart.

  - Renamed sub mkpath to makePath.

  - Renamed sub mkspecial to makeSpecial.

  - Replaced unlink() calls with CORE::unlink().

  - Added handling of special files to File::RsyncP::FileIO->fileListEltSend

  - Added File::RsyncP::FileIO->ignoreAttrOnFile.

  - Sending file deltas now sends deltas if the files are identical,
    rather than the whole file.

  - Changed t/rsyncLoad.t to use File::RsyncP instead of File::RsyncP::Digest.

0.10 Wed Dec 25 17:25:21 PST 2002

  - Initial version