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Claus Färber

Changes for version 2.100

  • Net::IDN::Encode: preserve case in pure-ASCII labels (bypass en-/decoding) FIXES: #91059: case not preserved (reported by DMUEY)
  • Net::IDN::Encode: simplify scalar-via-blob syntax (pull req. by DMUEY)
  • Net::IDN::Encode: add SMALL COMMERCIAL AT to list of possible @ signs (pull req. by DMUEY)
  • Net::IDN::UTS46: update to Unicode® 6.3.0 and UTS #46 r11:
    • new UTS #46 test vectors in data/IdnaTest.txt
    • built on perl-blead (5.19.7) for support of Unicode® 6.3.0 in tests generated from data/IdnaTest.txt
    • tweaks and fixes regarding edge cases not clearly described in UTS #46
  • Net::IDN::UTS46: test vectors supposed to fail due to Unassigned characters are no longer skipped.
  • Net::IDN::Punycode: use utf8_to_uvchr_buf instead of deprecated utf8_to_uvuni (perl 5.15.9 and higher; utf8_to_uvuni_buf is deprecated from perl 5.19.5)
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