Ron Savage

Changes for version 1.06

  • Change namespace from CGI::Application::Demo to CGI::Application::Demo::Basic, to force files to be installed separately from other modules called CGI::Application::Demo::(Ajax, Dispatch).
  • Re-write and/or re-design the docs.
  • Document much more clearly what needs to be patched by the end user.
  • Move CSS and HTML templates into htdocs/assets/..., and simplify their names.
  • Move the CGI scripts into cgi-bin/ca.demo.basic, and simplify their names.
  • Use DBIx::Admin::CreateTable rather than copying some of its code.
  • Remove text 'All rights reserved' (for Debian licensing).
  • Remove POD heads 'Required Modules' and 'Changes'.
  • Replace personal doc root with /var/www.
  • Use namespace::autoclean with Moose.
  • Change default database driver to SQLite.
  • Change path to Perl to /usr/bin/perl. Thanx for Larry for bug report #45751.
  • Change path to config files and templates to /var/www/.
  • Remove scripts/bu-demo from the distro.
  • Eliminate references to $ENV.
  • Write a new module to handle reading config files.
  • Move the config files into lib/CGI/Application/Demo/Basic/Util, so they can be installed with the *.pm files, and so Config::Tiny can find them easily. Change config file handing to match.
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