Darren Duncan


  • CGI::Portable - Framework for server-generic web apps
  • CGI::Portable::AdapterCGI - Run under CGI, Apache::Registry, cmd line
  • CGI::Portable::AdapterSocket - Run under IO::Socket-based Perl server
  • CGI::Portable::AppMultiScreen - Delegate construction, navigation of hierarchical screens
  • CGI::Portable::AppSplitScreen - Delegate construction of a screen between several modules
  • CGI::Portable::AppStatic - Define whole response screens within a config file
  • DemoGuestBook - Demo of CGI::Portable that implements a complete guest book with unlimited questions that also e-mails submissions to the website owner.
  • DemoMailForm - Demo of CGI::Portable that implements an e-mail submission form with unlimited questions.
  • DemoRedirect - Demo of CGI::Portable sending a redirection header.
  • DemoTextFile - Demo of CGI::Portable that displays the content of a static html or text file, which can be in multiple segments.
  • DemoUsage - Demo of CGI::Portable that tracks web site usage details, as well as e-mail backups of usage counts to the site owner.