=head1 NAME

CGI::RSS - provides a CGI-like interface for making rss feeds


    use strict;
    use CGI::RSS;

    # NOTE: RSS.pm does not export functions like CGI.pm. use OOP.

    my $rss = new CGI::RSS;

    print $rss->header;
    print $rss->begin_rss(
        title => "My Feed!",
        link  => "http://localhost/directory",
        desc  => "My feed is cool!");

    while( my $h = $sth->fetchrow_hashref ) {
        print $rss->item(
            $rss->title       ( $h->{title} ),
            $rss->link        ( $h->{link}  ),
            $rss->guid        ( $h->{link}  ), # unique identifier, usually
            $rss->description ( $h->{desc}  ), #   a permalink
            $rss->date        ( $h->{date}  ), # does rfc822 date processing
    print $rss->finish_rss;

=head1 TAGS

=head2 RSS TAGS

The following tags work anywhere.  There is no enforcement for where they
belong.  They're just tag functions.

    rss channel item title link description language copyright
    managingEditor webMaster pubDate lastBuildDate category
    generator docs cloud ttl image rating textInput skipHours
    skipDays link description author category comments enclosure
    guid pubDate source date url

=head1 TODO

I just wanted to get this thing working for now, but I'm not proud of the
module. In the future, I'd like to actually follow a standard.

 1. conform to standard(s) if possible
 2. deal with xmlns somehow

=head1 AUTHOR

Paul Miller C<< <jettero@cpan.org> >>

I am using this software in my own projects...  If you find bugs, please please
please let me know. :) Actually, let me know if you find it handy at all.  Half
the fun of releasing this stuff is knowing that people use it.


Copyright © 2011 Paul Miller — LGPL

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