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Dominic Hargreaves
Extending.pod - How to extend CGI::Wiki with your own plugins.
cgi-wiki-setupdb - Set up a database storage backend for CGI::Wiki.
user-setup-mysql-dbixfts - set up a DBIx::FullTextSearch backend for CGI::Wiki
CGI::Wiki - A toolkit for building Wikis.
CGI::Wiki::Formatter::Default - A formatter for CGI::Wiki.
CGI::Wiki::Plugin - A base class for CGI::Wiki plugins.
CGI::Wiki::Search::Base - Base class for CGI::Wiki search plugins.
CGI::Wiki::Search::DBIxFTS - DBIx::FullTextSearch search plugin for CGI::Wiki.
CGI::Wiki::Search::Plucene - Use Plucene to search your CGI::Wiki wiki.
CGI::Wiki::Search::SII - Search::InvertedIndex plugin for CGI::Wiki.
CGI::Wiki::Setup::DBIxFTSMySQL - set up fulltext indexes for CGI::Wiki
CGI::Wiki::Setup::MySQL - Set up tables for a CGI::Wiki store in a MySQL database.
CGI::Wiki::Setup::Pg - Set up tables for a CGI::Wiki store in a Postgres database.
CGI::Wiki::Setup::SII - Set up Search::InvertedIndex indexes for CGI::Wiki
CGI::Wiki::Setup::SQLite - Set up tables for a CGI::Wiki store in a SQLite database.
CGI::Wiki::Store::Database - parent class for database storage backends for CGI::Wiki
CGI::Wiki::Store::MySQL - MySQL storage backend for CGI::Wiki
CGI::Wiki::Store::Pg - Postgres storage backend for CGI::Wiki
CGI::Wiki::Store::SQLite - SQLite storage backend for CGI::Wiki
CGI::Wiki::TestConfig::Utilities - Utilities for testing CGI::Wiki things (deprecated).
CGI::Wiki::TestLib - Utilities for writing CGI::Wiki tests.
Changes for version 0.63
    • Marked as obsolete and added pointers to Wiki::Toolkit.
    • No other changes

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