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2003-06-19	Christian Gilmore <>

	o  Altered declaration of an array reference to meet perl-5.8
	   strict rules.
	o  Made release 1.01.
2003-06-18	Christian Gilmore <>

	o  Added placement of REMOTE_GROUP into request headers to assist
	   downstream handlers.
	o  Made release 1.00.
2003-04-17	Christian Gilmore <>

	o  Enabled handling of multiple upstream groups.
	o  Migrated to Text::ParseWords.
	o  Made release 0.90.
2001-07-12      Christian Gilmore <>

        o  Removed test for mod_perl-1.26 or higher.
        o  Cleaned up documentation.
        o  Made release 0.06.

2001-05-29	Christian Gilmore <>
        o  Bug fix on strict syntax error.
	o  Made release 0.05.

2001-02-28	Christian Gilmore <>

	o  Added requirement that Apache::Log be imported. Oversight found
	   by Rod Bloodgood.
	o  Made release 0.04.
2001-01-08	Christian Gilmore <>

	o  Better handled pre-1.26 set_handlers bugs.
	o  Made release 0.03.
2000-09-26	Christian Gilmore <>

	o  Made first public release 0.02.

$Id: ChangeLog,v 1.9 2003/06/19 14:38:08 cgilmore Exp $