$MODULE = "Tie::Cache"; $VERSION = .21; $DATE = '05/19/2014';

+ fixed internal $VERSION number

$MODULE = "Tie::Cache"; $VERSION = .19; $DATE = '02/23/2012';

+ added cleaner ref() checking for data size calculations when using a MaxBytes cache, to address bug

+ updated test.pl to "use Tie::Cache" to prevent test conflicts with Cache.pm

$MODULE = "Tie::Cache"; $VERSION = .17; $DATE = '07/03/2002';

+ added tied(%cache)->flush() method to sync dirty writes
  that have been cache with WriteSync => 0 config for a true
  cache inherited object.  Added testing to cover in test.pl

$MODULE = "Tie::Cache"; $VERSION = .15; $DATE = '03/20/2001';

+ Better test.pl timing output, also differentiate between
  cache with MaxBytes setting and one with just MaxCount,
  as MaxBytes is a bit slower for data size calculations.

+ Better Tie::Cache options / object config error checking,
  die() on obvious misconfigurations that will get developers
  in trouble.

- MaxSize only set if MaxSize or MaxBytes are defined,
  was defaulting to 1 otherwise, killing basic MaxCount config.

+ Optimizations for common use where Tie::Cache is not 
  subclassed for write()/read() API

$MODULE = "Tie::Cache"; $VERSION = .11; $DATE = '03/18/2001';

+ use of arrays for internal nodes structure instead of
  hashes for savings on memory and lookup speed.

+ MaxBytes now more accurate with recursive length calculations
  on reference keys & values, and added estimates of 240 bytes
  per key/value pair, + 16 bytes per reference found, in addition
  to the length of the data being stored.

  A MaxBytes setting of 1000000 would then try to really limit
  total memory consumption of the entire cache to 1M.  This is
  relevant when being used in high process environments like mod_perl
  where memory savings are critical.

+ MaxSize has default of MaxBytes/10, so large cache entries don't
  purge many others.  If cache entry exceeds MaxSize in bytes, then
  that value won't be cached.

$MODULE = "Tie::Cache"; $VERSION = .10; $DATE = '11/22/00';

- Allow for undef values to be stored like $cache{1} = undef
  Really doesn't affect cache, but got rid off error message
  in this case.

$MODULE = "Tie::Cache"; $VERSION = .09; $DATE = 'TBA';

+ Added benchmark section comparing Tie::Cache & Tie::Cache::LRU

$MODULE = "Tie::Cache"; $VERSION = .08; $DATE = '12/14/99';

- FETCH, or %cache reads like $cache{key} would returned
  a defined value, null, when it should have been undefined.
  This would breaks tests that test for defined($cache{$key}),
  and is a big problem.  I introduced this bug with my 
  tuning in .07 :(

$MODULE = "Tie::Cache"; $VERSION = .07; $DATE = '12/13/99';

+ Improved test suite to do some benchmarking, and 
  real interpreted tests.

+ Performance tuning making the cache about 5-10% faster.

+ MaxSize setting makes it so that key/value pair lengths 
  of MaxSize or greater will not be stored in the cache.
  This prevents odd large entries from flushing the cache
  of many smaller entries.

- setting Debug for one Tie::Cache hash is independent of
  another's Debug setting, before one setting would affect
  all the rest.  To set Debug value for all Tie::Cache
  hashes, set $Tie::Cache::Debug.

$MODULE = "Tie::Cache"; $VERSION = .06; $DATE = '2/16/99';

+ WriteSynch config option for TRUE CACHE.  WriteSynch => 0 
  will have the dirty data be written back as late as possible.  
  WriteSynch => 1 is immediate write-through for data dirtied.

- STORE returns value stored; $cache{$key} = $value returns $value now

+ decomped FETCH better so it doesn't use STORE internally
  necessary for new WriteSynch functionality

+ WriteSynch => 0 config set in test.pl to demostrate use.

+ Optimizations, especially for refreshing entries in cache on FETCH

$MODULE = "Tie::Cache"; $VERSION = .05;

+ Keep track of hits / misses even without debug option set.

$MODULE = "Tie::Cache"; $VERSION = .04;

- Get rid of -w warnings in test.pl.

$MODULE = "Tie::Cache"; $VERSION = .031;

- Removed test2.pl from installation as it was getting installed
  with Tie::Cache :(

$MODULE = "Tie::Cache"; $VERSION = .03;

- Global destructor bug fixed.  Wasn't flushing cache consistently.

$MODULE = "Tie::Cache"; $VERSION = .02;

+ MaxBytes config option is new.  It allows cache size to 
  be based on the bytes the cache holds.

+ test.pl output has Debug set to 2, so full debugging output is
  displayed.  This allows a new user to see how cache works.

$MODULE = "Tie::Cache"; $VERSION = .01;

First release of module.