Changes for version 0.04

  • Add __ prefix to private function identattr. Fixed bug regarding files with varying indent. Changed included dataset to test for this. Corrected 2 problems with Makefile.PL $ExtUtils::MakeMaker::VERSION is not yet numeric. Make use of propper way to express min perl version.
  • !!WARNING!! - This effects every previous version of this module. Workes from v5.10.0 to v5.13.7. From v5.13.8 to v5.13.10 is unknown/untested. v5.13.11 to v5.14.0 is known not to work! Upgrading to following SVN Commit is one solution. v5.15 (f6a9f8a45e0553298d2b10c734f5826f1ba7730f) No way to express the above constright(s).
  • I pray v5.14.1 has a fix for this issue.


Work with Debian's /etc/network/interfaces in XML.


in lib/XML/Debian/