Changes for version 0.05

  • Removed a comment in t/01-run.t that was for my brain. Corrected some documentation s/IO::[^ ]*/IO::Handle/g per XML-Parser-2.41, libxml-perl-0.08(XML::Parser::PerlSAX)'s back-end. Increased documentation regarding this. Spell-check. Added test case for ARRAY implementation of ~~. Implemented hack/workaround regarding the following warning. The warning is not obsolete, this version should run with any version post 5.10.
  • NOTE NOTE !!UPDATE WARNING!! NOTE NOTE THIS NO LONGER APPLIES TO _THIS_ VERSION. This message exists for the sake of complete documentation. Works from v5.10.0 to v5.13.7. v5.13.8 is unknown/untested. v5.13.9 to v5.14.0 is known not to work! Upgrading to following SVN Commit is one solution. v5.15 (f6a9f8a45e0553298d2b10c734f5826f1ba7730f) No way to express the above constraint(s).
  • I pray v5.14.1 has a fix for this issue.
  • More information, this has something TODO with the ARRAY implementation of ~~ with regard to undefined and regex-es. This effects give/when blocks used by this module.


Work with Debian's /etc/network/interfaces in XML.


in lib/XML/Debian/