Changes for version 0.58

  • re-work the UI design to be cleaner
  • added an application logo
  • more efficient database querying (a la DBIC's prefetch)
  • added first part of .it i18n (Thanks Darius!)
  • add browser and user driven language selection
  • upgraded to YUI 2.4.1
  • modify ::Schema so that we can export mysql and sqlite schemas
  • rename DB columns to be more sensible
  • make the display of the time zone independant of the time_format string
  • limit thread subject length on user profile page
  • factored out MessagePreview javascript into single included file
  • fix uri_for() error on user/login
  • fix DBIC field error during lostpassword process
  • fix DBIC field errors during signup
  • fix issues with email notifications
  • [bug] fix user's last post information (profile page)
  • [bug] fix issue with forum-limited searches
  • [bug] fix error when trying to post new thread with no subject line
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