Changes for version 1.1.0

  • added Advanced Search page
  • added Add This ( to thread/view page (if username set in configuration)
  • modified CSS for "user information"; now the header is a fixed-width we can place this div inside it (instead of flushed to the RHS of the page/window)
  • added Google Analytics (configurable via parley.conf)
  • switch to using Catalyst::Controller::Validation::DFV for form re-fill
  • use mk_accessors instead of home-grown rubbish
  • added reCaptcha to signup screen
  • added check for unique username/forumname (signup)
  • added "Login and X" buttons in thread view
  • removed a couple of "use base 'Catalyst::Controller'" calls for classes that "use base" another module that already inherits from it (result of upgrading to 5.80001)
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