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cpants_lint.pl - commandline frontend to Module::CPANTS::Analyse
Module::CPANTS::Analyse - Generate Kwalitee ratings for a distribution
Module::CPANTS::Kwalitee - Interface to Kwalitee generators
Module::CPANTS::Kwalitee::BrokenInstaller - Check for broken Module::Install
Module::CPANTS::Kwalitee::Distname - Proper Distname layout
Module::CPANTS::Kwalitee::Distros - Information retrieved from the various Linux and other distributions
Module::CPANTS::Kwalitee::Files - Check for various files
Module::CPANTS::Kwalitee::FindModules - Find modules provided by a dist
Module::CPANTS::Kwalitee::License - Checks if there is a license
Module::CPANTS::Kwalitee::MetaYML - Checks data availabe in META.yml
Module::CPANTS::Kwalitee::NeedsCompiler - Checks if the module needs a (probably C) compiler
Module::CPANTS::Kwalitee::Prereq - Checks listed prerequistes
Module::CPANTS::Kwalitee::Repackageable - Checks for various signs that make a module packageable
Module::CPANTS::Kwalitee::Uses - Checks which modules are used
Module::CPANTS::Kwalitee::Version - Check for various files
Changes for version 0.85
    • Fix fails on non-Win32

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