This is the README file for Tie::IxHash, the Perl module that 
implements ordered in-memory associative arrays.

It requires:
   Perl Version 5.005 or later.

If you have been led to believe that associative arrays in perl
don't preserve order, and if you have ever craved for that feature,
this module is for you.  Simply declare a "tie" for the hash variable
that you want to be order-preserving, and forget that limitation
ever existed.  You can do other nifty things with the tied hash object
that you may be used to doing with arrays, like Push(), Pop() and 

If you don't know what "tie" means, you should look at the
perltie(1) manpage in a recent perl distribution, or in the
index of one of the numerous books on perl.

If you don't know what "perl" is, you don't need this software.
See the embedded documentation in the module file for details.

Don't forget to send your comments!

 - Sarathy.



   perl Makefile.PL
   make install

If you run into problems due to whatever reason in running the above,
simply move the file over into $PERL5LIB/Tie/ (where
$PERL5LIB stands for the place where your standard perl library files
are located) and you'll be okay.