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Router::LG::Juniper - Looking Glass driver for Juniper routers


 use Router::LG;
  -hostname => "core.router.isp.node",
  -class => "Juniper",
  -args => {
    -sshCommand => "/opt/ssh/bin/ssh",


The Router::LG::Juniper class is a driver class for specific to Juniper Routers. Implementors of should not need to call methods on this class directly, as the Router::LG module can be used as the primary interface.


Router::LG::Juniper uses the SSH protocol to access the remote router. Currently, this can only be achieved by making a call to the "ssh" client command. It assumes that the full path is "/usr/local/bin/ssh", but this can be altered by specifying the -sshCommand arguement. Don't let end users specify the values that can be set for this arguement.


The following commands are defined by default:

     bgp            show route protocol bgp aspath-regex !a terse
     routes         show route !i terse
     traceroute     traceroute !ih
     ping           ping count 3 !ih

    Read the distribution documentation for information on the command data format.

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