Revision history for DBIx::TableHash

1.04 2002-07-26

	- Changed the "none" value of CacheMode from undef to "CacheNone".
	  This was a patch graciously provided by Mark Leighton Fisher
      <> to whom I am grateful.  After this patch, the
	  module should no longer give warnings when used with -w.

1.03 2002-05-08

	- Removed modules from standard Perl dist (e.g. Data::Dumper) from
	  PREREQ_PM (having them listed there was causing CPAN to rebuild

1.02 2002-05-07

	- Fixed build shortcoming.

1.01 2002-05-05

	- Upgraded build system.

1.00 2002-03-22

	- First public release