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Chris Nandor
README - Carbon API for perl on Mac OS X
Mac::AppleEvents - Macintosh Toolbox Interface to the Apple Event Manager
Mac::Carbon - Access to Mac OS Carbon API
Mac::Components - Macintosh Toolbox Interface to the Components Manager
Mac::Files - Macintosh Toolbox Interface to the File and Alias Manager
Mac::Gestalt - Macintosh Toolbox Interface to the Gestalt Manager
Mac::InternetConfig - Interface to Peter Lewis' and Quinns Internet Config system
Mac::Memory - MacOS Memory Manager
Mac::MoreFiles - Sophisticated file management routines
Mac::Notification - Macintosh Toolbox Interface to Notification Manager
Mac::OSA - Provide interface to Open Scripting Architecture
Mac::Processes - Macintosh Toolbox Interface to Process Manager
Mac::Resources - Macintosh Toolbox Interface to the Resource Manager
Mac::Sound - Macintosh Toolbox Interface to Sound Manager
Mac::Speech - Provide interface to PlainTalk (Speech Manager)
Mac::Types - Macintosh Toolbox Types and conversions.
MacPerl - Built-in Macintosh specific routines.
AEDesc in AppleEvents/AppleEvents.pm
AEKeyDesc in AppleEvents/AppleEvents.pm
AEStream in AppleEvents/AppleEvents.pm
AESubDesc in AppleEvents/AppleEvents.pm
Handle in Memory/Memory.pm
LaunchParam in Processes/Processes.pm
Mac::AppleEvents::EventHandler in AppleEvents/AppleEvents.pm
Mac::Gestalt::_GestaltHash in Gestalt/Gestalt.pm
Mac::InternetConfig::_Cooked in InternetConfig/InternetConfig.pm
Mac::InternetConfig::_Map in InternetConfig/InternetConfig.pm
Mac::InternetConfig::_Raw in InternetConfig/InternetConfig.pm
Mac::MoreFiles::_ApplHash in MoreFiles/MoreFiles.pm
Mac::Processes::_ProcessInfoMap in Processes/Processes.pm
Mac::Speech::_VoiceHash in Speech/Speech.pm
NMRec in Notification/Notification.pm

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