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Clark Cooper
XML::Parser - A perl module for parsing XML documents
XML::Parser::Expat - Lowlevel access to James Clark's expat XML parser
XML::Parser::Debug in Parser.pm
XML::Parser::Encinfo in Expat/Expat.pm
XML::Parser::Objects in Parser.pm
XML::Parser::Stream in Parser.pm
XML::Parser::Subs in Parser.pm
XML::Parser::Tree in Parser.pm
Changes for version 2.20
    • Fixed miscellaneous bugs in xmlfilter.
    • In the default external entity handler, prepend the base only for relative URLs.
    • Chris Nandor <pudge@pobox.com> provided patches for building on Macintosh.
    • As suggested by Matt Sergeant <Matthew.Sergeant@eml.ericsson.se>, added the finish method to Expat.
    • Matt also provided a fix to a bug he discovered in the Streams style.
    • Fixed a parse position bug reported by Enno Derksen <enno@att.com> that was affecting both original_string and position_in_context.
    • Fixed a gross memory leak reported by David Megginson, <david@megginson.com>: there was a circular reference to the Expat object and the internal end handler for context was not freeing element names after they were removed from the context stack.
    • Now using expat Version 19990109 (Plus any patches in Expat/expat.patches)
    • Added is_defaulted method to Expat to tell if an attribute was defaulted. (Requested by Enno Derksen for XML::DOM.)
    • Matt Sergeant <Matthew.Sergeant@eml.ericcson.se> reported that the XML::Parser parse methods weren't propagating array context to the Final handler. Now they are.
    • Fixed more memory leaks (again reported by David Megginson). The SVs pointing to the handlers weren't being reclaimed when the callback vector was freed.
    • Added the element_index method to Expat.

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