Revision history for Perl extension CGI::Wiki::Simple.

0.12 20030405
  - Fixed a bug in test 30 (Thanks to Kate for detecting it and supplying a patch)
  - eliminated a warning from CGI::Application when changing the runmode
    (now the runmode is set through the predefined hook instead)

0.11 20030404
  - Fixed a nasty bug in the RecentChanges plugin
  - added two wiki maintenance tools :
      - - creates nodeballs
      - - can now setup any database and can create nodeballs
  - added capability to load nodeballs into the wiki

0.10 20030404
  - Setup is now implemented for all supported databases
  - Setup is now testing for all configured test databases

0.09 20030402
  - Missed updating the changes file
  - More tests
  - Automagic setup routine (for SQLite)

0.08 20030401
  - Second cleanup release :
  - Fixed unquoted prerequisites in Makefile.PL (Perl 5.8.0 complains)
  - Made header/footer/stylesheet configurable if no templates are used
  - RecentChanges plugin now actually works
  - The scripts in bin/ are now checked whether they actually compile
  - Massive thanks to Kate L. Pugh and Podmaster who tested the previous
    release and reported all those nasty errors that either slipped
    my test setup or I didn't have tests for, or were simply neglected
    by me.

0.07 20030331
  - Cleanup release :
  - fixed README
  - fixed missing prerequisite Test::Without::Module
  - added automagic setup for SQLite via CGI::Wiki::Simple::Setup

0.06 20030330
  - imported into cvs
  - First release on CPAN
  - Added default content and a setup routine for SQLite.
  - The rest of the setup routines (for the other databases) will follow later
  - Maybe database connection should be centralized for the (two) kinds of
    scripts that deal with it ?

0.05 ????
  - Was released on
  - But I don't know anymore what I changed

0.04 20030203
  - Redid plugin architecture - plugins now return raw HTML.
  - NodeList plugin now has regular expressions to select what nodes get shown (and which parts of them).
  - Added tests for the plugin structure
  - Added tests for all synopses and examples, available via Test::Inline

0.03 200301??
  - Added plugin architecture
  - Added static page plugin
  - Added node list plugin

0.02 200301??

0.01  Tue Jan 28 18:43:30 2003
  - original version; created by ExtUtils::ModuleMaker 0.204