0.10 2018-11-30
    * Corrected links to bug tracker etc, thanks to RENEEB
    * Minor distribution cleanup
    * Minor module cleanup, remove vars.pm
    * Switch to File::ShareDir for storing the common data
    * Update to a 2017 version of freedesktop.org.xml mime info

0.09 2018-10-28
    * Re-release with correct META.* information
    * No upgrade necessary

0.08 2016-10-03
    * Identify h++ files correctly

      On versions 5.10+, the "h++" was identified as a possessive RE quantifier,
      which made the code silently misbehave. CPAN Testers++ for testing
      with 5.8.x, where this part of the code failed.

0.07 2019-10-02
    * Fix the version-based prerequisites
      There was one more mention of 5.022 in the code.
    * Add ->mime_type_from_name() to also allow for name-based detection
      of file types

0.06 2016-10-01
    * 5.20 also supports signatures natively so we don't need to load
      Filter::signatures there.
    * No code changes, no need to upgrade

0.05 2016-09-29
    * Bump the prerequisite Filter::signatures to 0.05, which bumps
      the required version of Filter::Simple to 0.91
    * No code changes, no need to upgrade

0.04 2016-09-27
    * Correct the bug report address and repository, reported by Zaki Mughal
    * No code changes, no need to upgrade

0.03 2016-09-22
    * Add 00-load.t to dump the modules loaded on this environment
      Mostly used for easier debugging of minimal prerequisite versions

0.02 2016-09-21
    * Also support \x -style hex escapes
      This fixes the detection of PNG images
    * Move MIME::Detect::Type into its own file

0.01 2016-09-20
    * The module escapes