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Max Maischein
MozRepl::AnyEvent - AnyEvent-enabled MozRepl client
MozRepl::Plugin::JSON2 - use a 7bit safe json2.js for MozRepl/JS serialization
MozRepl::RemoteObject - treat Javascript objects as Perl objects
MozRepl::RemoteObject::Methods - Perl methods for mozrepl objects
Changes for version 0.28
    • Switch to "multiline" input mode. This should eliminate the "no result yet from mozrepl" warnings and make input/response somewhat better.
    • Fix a buglet in the memleak test
    • Function generation using ->expr() needs the following idiom to work with Firefox 6+: f=function() { ... }; f Ideally, use ->declare() to declare functions.
    • The module is now tested with Firefox 3.0.9 Firefox 3.5.x Firefox 4.0.1 Firefox 5 Firefox 6.0.1 Firefox 7 Beta 5

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