Changes for version 0.69 - 2023-03-27

  • Add documentation on the profile directory / C<profile> constructor option
  • Add --domain-reliability-option to disable one more Google ping
  • some obsolete command line options removed
  • Add --remote-allow-origins=* to fix working on Chrome 111 onwards
  • Revamp fetching of node properties
  • Redo node invalidation and retry searches - this could help when receiving NodeID=0
  • Some memory usage improvements
    • Some (closed over?) Futures are not awaited or cancelled properly but are lost. Hints to where they are constructed are welcome.


asynchronous dispatcher for the DevTools protocol
wrapper for talking to a page in a Target
choose the best transport backend
AnyEvent backend for Chrome communication
Mojolicious backend for Chrome communication
IO::Async backend for Chrome communication
choose the best pipe transport backend
EXPERIMENTAL Local pipe backend for Chrome communication
EXPERIMENTAL Local pipe backend for Chrome communication
retrieve cookies from a live Chrome instance
automate the Chrome browser
Getting things done with WWW::Mechanize::Chrome
Domain Specific Language for short scripts
WWW::Mechanize::Chrome example programs.
represent a Chrome HTML node in Perl
Things to watch out for
blacklist URLs from fetching


in lib/Chrome/DevToolsProtocol/Transport/