0.11 (25 Sep 2020):

  - Added a --slow_threshold option, to consider queries slow if they have
    been running for longer than the given value (seconds).
    Now we highlight slow queries in bold yellow, and log all the slow queries
    to a `pgtop.log` file.

  - Added a --slack_webhook option, to automatically notify a slack channel
    if a query crosses the slow threshold runtime value. All the information
    about the slow query including the SQL will be included in the slack

0.10 (02 Sep 2020):

  - Updated pgtop to the current decade. Now requires perl >= 5.014.

  - Fixed to work with Postgres >= 9.0.

  - Added a sample Dockerfile to run pgtop as Docker container

  - Added a --config option, to load arbitrary config files.
    This is useful if you want to monitor several databases at once, 
    for example in a tmux session.

  - Implemented a query killer ("K") command, to kill at once all
    queries slower than a given threshold, in seconds.

0.05 (29 Jul 2008):

  Fix for #38021 (batchmode fails with undefined subroutine).


  Fixed annoying "Division by zero" errors.


  Removed wrong requirement of DBD::mysql, replaced with DBD::Pg.


  First working version. Several things don't work yet,
  but something is already visible.

  None. Initial release.