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autobox::dump - human/perl readable strings from the results of an EXPR


Version 20090426.1746


The autobox::dump pragma adds, via the autobox pragma, a method to normal expression (such as scalars, arrays, hashes, math, literals, etc.) that produces a human/perl readable representation of the value of that expression.

    use autobox::dump;

    my $foo = "foo";
    print $foo->perl;   # "foo";

    print +(5*6)->perl; # 30;

    my @a = (1..3);

    print @a->perl;
    # [
    #  1,
    #  2,
    #  3
    # ];

    print {a=>1, b=>2}->perl;
    # {
    #  "a" => 1,
    #  "b" => 2
    # };
    sub func {
        my ($x, $y) = @_;
        return $x + $y;

    my $func = \&func;
    print $func->perl;
    #sub {
    #    BEGIN {
    #        $^H{'autobox_scope'} = q(154456408);
    #        $^H{'autobox'} = q(HASH(0x93a3e00));
    #        $^H{'autobox_leave'} = q(Scope::Guard=ARRAY(0x9435078));
    #    }
    #    my($x, $y) = @_;
    #    return $x + $y;
    You can set Data::Dumper options by passing either arrayrefs of option
    and value pairs or just keys (in which case the option will be set to
    1).  The default options are C<qw/Indent Terse Useqq Sortkeys Deparse/>.

    print ["a", 0, 1]->perl([Indent => 3], [Varname => "a"], qw/Useqq/);
    #$a1 = [
    #        #0
    #        "a",
    #        #1
    #        0,
    #        #2
    #        1
    #      ];

    You can also call the class method ->options to set a different default.

    #set Indent to 0, but leave the rest of the options
    autobox::dump->options([Indent => 0], qw/Terse Useqq Sortkeys Deparse/);

    print ["a", 0, 1]->perl; #["a",0,1]


Chas. J Owens IV, <chas.owens at>


Has all the issues autobox has.

Has all the issues Data::Dumper has.

This pragma errs on the side of human readable to the detriment of Perl readable. In particular it uses the terse and deparse options of Data::Dumper by default. These options may create code that cannot be eval'ed. For best eval results, set options to qw/Purity/. Note, this turns off coderef dumping.

Please report any bugs or feature requests to


You can find documentation for this module with the perldoc command.

    perldoc autobox::dump


Michael Schwern for starting the perl5i pragma which prompted me to add a feature I wanted to autobox.


Copyright 2009 Chas. J Owens IV, all rights reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.