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Peter Shangov
CPAN::Local::Manual - How to assemble your custom repository
lpan - Execute commands against a local mirror
CPAN::Local - Hack custom CPAN repos
CPAN::Local::App - CPAN::Local's App::Cmd
CPAN::Local::App::Command::init - Initialize an empty repository
CPAN::Local::App::Command::update - Update repository
CPAN::Local::Distribution - Base distribution class
CPAN::Local::Distribution::Role::FromURI - Allow distributions to be fetched from remote uris
CPAN::Local::Distribution::Role::MD5 - Calculate checksums for a distribution
CPAN::Local::Distribution::Role::Metadata - Read a distribution's metadata
CPAN::Local::Distribution::Role::NameInfo - CPAN::DistnameInfo for a distribution
CPAN::Local::MVP::Assembler - MVP assembler for CPAN::Local
CPAN::Local::Plugin - Base class for plugins
CPAN::Local::Plugin::Duplicates - Remove duplicates
CPAN::Local::Plugin::Indices - [DEPRECATED] Update index files
CPAN::Local::Plugin::Inject - Inject a distribution into the repo
CPAN::Local::Plugin::MailRc - Update 01mailrc.txt
CPAN::Local::Plugin::ModList - Update 03modlist.data
CPAN::Local::Plugin::PackagesDetails - Update 02packages.details.txt
CPAN::Local::Role::Cleanup - Remove orphan files
CPAN::Local::Role::Finalise - Do something after updates complete
CPAN::Local::Role::Gather - Select distributions to add
CPAN::Local::Role::Index - Index a repo
CPAN::Local::Role::Initialise - Initialize an empty repo
CPAN::Local::Role::Inject - Add selected distributions to a repo
CPAN::Local::Role::Prune - Remove distributions from selection list
CPAN::Local::Role::Remove - Remove distributions from the repo
Changes for version 0.010
    • Docs: added new CPAN::Local::Manual
    • Docs: fixed oboslete docs for P::PackagesDetails

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