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CPAN::Packager::Manual - User manual
cpan-packager - create redhat/debian packages from CPAN distributions
CPAN::Packager - Create packages(rpm, deb) from perl modules
CPAN::Packager::Builder::Deb - Deb package builder
CPAN::Packager::Builder::RPM - RPM package builder
CPAN::Packager::Builder::Role - package builder role
CPAN::Packager::BuilderFactory - package builder factory
CPAN::Packager::Config::Merger - merge dependency config
CPAN::Packager::Config::Replacer - replace variables like HOME
CPAN::Packager::Config::Validator - validates configration
CPAN::Packager::DependencyAnalyzer - analyze module dependencies
CPAN::Packager::DependencyFilter::Common - filter module dependencies
CPAN::Packager::DependencyFilter::Deb - filter module dependencies
CPAN::Packager::DependencyFilter::RPM - filter module dependencies
CPAN::Packager::DependencyFilter::Role - filter module dependencies
CPAN::Packager::Downloader::CPAN - Download cpan module tarball from CPAN with CPAN.pm
CPAN::Packager::Downloader::CPANPLUS - Download cpan module tarball from CPAN with CPANPLUS
CPAN::Packager::Downloader::Fresh - Download cpan module tarball with App::CPAN::Fresh
CPAN::Packager::DownloaderFactory - module downloader factory
CPAN::Packager::Extractor - extract src from archive
CPAN::Packager::FileUtil - File Utility class
CPAN::Packager::Home - detect Home
CPAN::Packager::ModuleNameResolver - resolve CPAN module name from CPAN
CPAN::Packager::Script - CUI for CPAN::Packager
CPAN::Packager::Util - Utility class
CPAN::Packager::Config::Schema in lib/CPAN/Packager/Config/Schema.pm
CPAN::Packager::DualLivedList in lib/CPAN/Packager/DualLivedList.pm
CPAN::Packager::ListUtil in lib/CPAN/Packager/ListUtil.pm
CPAN::Packager::MetaAnalyzer in lib/CPAN/Packager/MetaAnalyzer.pm
Changes for version 0.33
  • Updated the config for rpm
  • Updated the user manual

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