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addresses.pl - helper script to map tester addresses to real people.
cpanstats-leaderboard - script to manage the CPAN Testers leaderboard.
cpanstats-writegraphs - script to create the CPAN Testers Statistics graphs.
cpanstats-writepages - script to create the CPAN Testers Statistics website.
getmailrc.pl - downloads 01mailrc.txt.gz from CPAN.
CPAN::Testers::WWW::Statistics - CPAN Testers Statistics website.
CPAN::Testers::WWW::Statistics::Graphs - CPAN Testers Statistics graphs.
CPAN::Testers::WWW::Statistics::Leaderboard - CPAN Testers Statistics leaderboard.
CPAN::Testers::WWW::Statistics::Pages - CPAN Testers Statistics pages.
Changes for version 1.14
    • add logic for tester preferred contact address.

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