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Changes for version 0.13 - 2006-08-19

  • Fix "negate operator" bug in QueryParser.
  • Allow multiple fields to be spec'd for QueryParser.
  • Add Finnish stoplist.
  • Add ExtUtils::ParseXS and ExtUtils::CBuilder as prereqs, since Module::Build doesn't handle C code as of 0.28.


dump the contents of an index
hacking/debugging KinoSearch
overview of invindex file format
sample indexing and search applications


search engine library
base class for analyzers
convert input to lower case
multiple analyzers in series
reduce related words to a shared root
suppress a "stoplist" of common words
a collection of tokens
customizable tokenizing
a field within a document
encode excerpted text
format highlighted bits within excerpts
create and highlight excerpts
encode a few HTML entities
surround highlight bits with tags
read from a compound file
consolidate invindex files
manage documents deleted from an invindex
track field characteristics
retrieve stored documents
write stored fields to an invindex
filenames and suffixes used in an invindex
base class for objects which read invindexes
read from a multi-segment invindex
multi-segment TermDocs
read field normalization data
write postings data to an invindex
manage segment statistical data
read from a single-segment invindex
single-segment TermDocs
single-segment TermEnum
write one segment of an invindex
string of text associated with a field
decode a term dictionary one Term at a time
retrieve list of docs which contain a Term
scan through a list of Terms
filepointer/statistical data for a Term
look up Terms in an invindex
write a term dictionary
Term freq and positional data
build inverted indexes
transform a string into a Query object
clause in a BooleanQuery
match boolean combinations of Queries
scorer for BooleanQuery
successful match against a Query
process doc/score pairs
track highest scoring docs
access search results
match ordered list of Terms
scorer for PhraseQuery
base class for search queries
build a filter based on results of a query
score documents against a Query
base class for searching an invindex
calculate how closely two items match
match individual Terms
scorer for TermQuery
Searcher-dependent transformation of a Query
execute searches
file system InvIndex
lock an FSInvIndex
filehandles for reading invindexes
mutex lock on an invindex
filehandles for writing invindexes
in-memory InvIndex
lock a RAMInvIndex
stripped down scalar
base class for C-struct objects
stack traces from C
class building utility
compact array of integers
various math utilities
wrappers which aid memory debugging
classic heap sort / priority queue
String related utilities
common routines which aid stringification
namespace pollution
some validation functions


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