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Marvin Humphrey
KinoSearch - Search engine library.
KinoSearch::Analysis::Analyzer - Tokenize/modify/filter text.
KinoSearch::Analysis::CaseFolder - Normalize case, facilitating case-insensitive search.
KinoSearch::Analysis::PolyAnalyzer - Multiple Analyzers in series.
KinoSearch::Analysis::Stemmer - Reduce related words to a shared root.
KinoSearch::Analysis::Stopalizer - Suppress a "stoplist" of common words.
KinoSearch::Analysis::Tokenizer - Split a string into tokens.
KinoSearch::Architecture - Configure major components of an index.
KinoSearch::Doc - A document.
KinoSearch::Doc::HitDoc - A document read from an index.
KinoSearch::Docs::Cookbook - KinoSearch recipes.
KinoSearch::Docs::Cookbook::CustomQuery - Sample subclass of Query.
KinoSearch::Docs::Cookbook::CustomQueryParser - Sample subclass of QueryParser.
KinoSearch::Docs::Cookbook::FastUpdates - Near real-time index updates.
KinoSearch::Docs::DocIDs - Characteristics of KinoSearch document ids.
KinoSearch::Docs::FileFormat - Overview of index file format.
KinoSearch::Docs::FileLocking - Manage indexes on shared volumes.
KinoSearch::Docs::IRTheory - Crash course in information retrieval.
KinoSearch::Docs::Tutorial - Step-by-step introduction to KinoSearch toolset.
KinoSearch::Docs::Tutorial::Analysis - How to choose and use Analyzers.
KinoSearch::Docs::Tutorial::BeyondSimple - A more flexible app structure.
KinoSearch::Docs::Tutorial::FieldType - Specify per-field properties and behaviors.
KinoSearch::Docs::Tutorial::Highlighter - Augment search results with highlighted excerpts.
KinoSearch::Docs::Tutorial::QueryObjects - Use Query objects instead of query strings.
KinoSearch::Docs::Tutorial::Simple - Bare-bones search app.
KinoSearch::FieldType - Define a field's behavior.
KinoSearch::FieldType::BlobType - Default behaviors for binary fields.
KinoSearch::FieldType::FullTextType - Full-text search field type.
KinoSearch::FieldType::StringType - Non-tokenized text type.
KinoSearch::Highlight::HeatMap - Density of relevant data in a string.
KinoSearch::Highlight::Highlighter - Create and highlight excerpts.
KinoSearch::Index::BackgroundMerger - Consolidate index segments in the background.
KinoSearch::Index::DataReader - Abstract base class for reading index data.
KinoSearch::Index::DataWriter - Write data to an index.
KinoSearch::Index::DeletionsWriter - Abstract base class for marking documents as deleted.
KinoSearch::Index::DocReader - Retrieve stored documents.
KinoSearch::Index::IndexManager - Policies governing index updating, locking, and file deletion.
KinoSearch::Index::IndexReader - Read from an inverted index.
KinoSearch::Index::Lexicon - Iterator for a field's terms.
KinoSearch::Index::LexiconReader - Read Lexicon data.
KinoSearch::Index::PolyReader - Multi-segment implementation of IndexReader.
KinoSearch::Index::PostingList - Term-Document pairings.
KinoSearch::Index::PostingsReader - Read postings data.
KinoSearch::Index::SegReader - Single-segment IndexReader.
KinoSearch::Index::SegWriter - Write one segment of an index.
KinoSearch::Index::Segment - Warehouse for information about one segment of an inverted index.
KinoSearch::Index::Snapshot - Point-in-time index file list.
KinoSearch::Indexer - Build inverted indexes.
KinoSearch::Obj - Base class for all KinoSearch objects.
KinoSearch::Obj::BitVector - An array of bits.
KinoSearch::Obj::Err - Exception.
KinoSearch::QueryParser - Transform a string into a Query object.
KinoSearch::Schema - User-created specification for an inverted index.
KinoSearch::Search::ANDQuery - Intersect multiple result sets.
KinoSearch::Search::Compiler - Query-to-Matcher compiler.
KinoSearch::Search::HitCollector::BitCollector - HitCollector which records doc nums in a BitVector.
KinoSearch::Search::Hits - Access search results.
KinoSearch::Search::LeafQuery - Leaf node in a tree created by QueryParser.
KinoSearch::Search::MatchAllQuery - Query which matches all documents.
KinoSearch::Search::Matcher - Match a set of document ids.
KinoSearch::Search::NOTQuery - Invert the result set of another Query.
KinoSearch::Search::NoMatchQuery - Query which matches no documents.
KinoSearch::Search::ORQuery - Union multiple result sets.
KinoSearch::Search::PhraseQuery - Query matching an ordered list of terms.
KinoSearch::Search::PolyQuery - Base class for composite Query objects.
KinoSearch::Search::PolySearcher - Aggregate results from multiple searchers.
KinoSearch::Search::Query - A specification for a search query.
KinoSearch::Search::RangeQuery - Match a range of values.
KinoSearch::Search::RequiredOptionalQuery - Join results for two Queries, one required, one optional.
KinoSearch::Search::Searchable - Base class for searchers.
KinoSearch::Search::Similarity - Calculate how closely two things match.
KinoSearch::Search::SortRule - Element of a SortSpec.
KinoSearch::Search::SortSpec - Specify a custom sort order for search results.
KinoSearch::Search::Span - An offset, a length, and a weight.
KinoSearch::Search::TermQuery - Query which matches individual terms.
KinoSearch::Searcher - Execute searches against a single index.
KinoSearch::Store::FSFolder - File System implementation of Folder.
KinoSearch::Store::Folder - Abstract class representing a directory.
KinoSearch::Store::Lock - Abstract class representing an interprocess mutex lock.
KinoSearch::Store::LockErr - Lock exception.
KinoSearch::Store::RAMFolder - In-memory Folder implementation.
KSx::Index::ByteBufDocReader - Read a Doc as a fixed-width byte array.
KSx::Index::ByteBufDocWriter - Write a Doc as a fixed-width byte array.
KSx::Index::ZlibDocReader - Compressed doc storage.
KSx::Index::ZlibDocWriter - Compressed doc storage.
KSx::Remote::SearchClient - Connect to a remote SearchServer.
KSx::Remote::SearchServer - Make a Searcher remotely accessible.
KSx::Search::Filter - Build a caching filter based on results of a Query.
KSx::Search::LongFieldSim - Similarity optimized for long fields.
KSx::Search::MockScorer - Matcher with arbitrary docs and scores.
KSx::Simple - Basic search engine.
KinoSearch in lib/KinoSearch.pm
KinoSearch::Analysis::Inversion in lib/KinoSearch.pm
KinoSearch::Analysis::Stemmer in lib/KinoSearch.pm
KinoSearch::Analysis::Stopalizer in lib/KinoSearch.pm
KinoSearch::Analysis::Token in lib/KinoSearch.pm
KinoSearch::Analysis::Tokenizer in lib/KinoSearch.pm
KinoSearch::Doc in lib/KinoSearch.pm
KinoSearch::Index::IndexReader in lib/KinoSearch.pm
KinoSearch::Index::PolyReader in lib/KinoSearch.pm
KinoSearch::Index::Segment in lib/KinoSearch.pm
KinoSearch::Index::SegReader in lib/KinoSearch.pm
KinoSearch::Index::SortCache in lib/KinoSearch.pm
KinoSearch::Indexer in lib/KinoSearch.pm
KinoSearch::Obj in lib/KinoSearch.pm
KinoSearch::Obj::BitVector in lib/KinoSearch.pm
KinoSearch::Obj::ByteBuf in lib/KinoSearch.pm
KinoSearch::Obj::CharBuf in lib/KinoSearch.pm
KinoSearch::Obj::Err in lib/KinoSearch.pm
KinoSearch::Obj::Hash in lib/KinoSearch.pm
KinoSearch::Obj::VArray in lib/KinoSearch.pm
KinoSearch::Obj::ViewByteBuf in lib/KinoSearch.pm
KinoSearch::Obj::ViewCharBuf in lib/KinoSearch.pm
KinoSearch::Obj::VTable in lib/KinoSearch.pm
KinoSearch::Obj::ZombieCharBuf in lib/KinoSearch.pm
KinoSearch::Search::Compiler in lib/KinoSearch.pm
KinoSearch::Search::Query in lib/KinoSearch.pm
KinoSearch::Search::SortRule in lib/KinoSearch.pm
KinoSearch::Util::BitVector in lib/KinoSearch.pm
KinoSearch::Util::Compat::DirManip in lib/KinoSearch.pm
KinoSearch::Util::Debug in lib/KinoSearch.pm
KinoSearch::Util::Host in lib/KinoSearch.pm
KinoSearch::Util::I32Array in lib/KinoSearch.pm
KinoSearch::Util::IndexFileNames in lib/KinoSearch.pm
KinoSearch::Util::Json in lib/KinoSearch.pm
KinoSearch::Util::StringHelper in lib/KinoSearch.pm
KinoSearch::Util::ToolSet in lib/KinoSearch.pm
KSx::Search::FilterCompiler in lib/KSx/Search/Filter.pm
KSx::Search::FilterScorer in lib/KSx/Search/Filter.pm
Changes for version 0.30_07
    • Bugfixes:
  • Revisit the bug in IndexManager's recycle(). The 0.30_06 fix attempt
    • had made it manifest less often, but had not completely eliminated it.
  • Throw an error in Indexer if recycle() returns duplicated segments.

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