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Curtis Jewell
Perl::Dist::Strawberry::Repository - The repository that is used for Perl::Dist::Strawberry.
module-version - Gets the version of a module
perldist_strawberry - a distribution builder for Perl::Dist::Strawberry.
Perl::Dist::Bootstrap - A Perl distribution for building Perl distributions
Perl::Dist::Strawberry - Strawberry Perl for Win32
Perl::Dist::Strawberry::Libraries - Library installation routines for Strawberry Perl
Changes for version 2.5001
  • This release corresponds to Strawberry Perl 'February' (5.12.3) Beta 2.
    • Added 5.12.3 plugin to use in testing to start with. Other plugins are available from CPAN or from Strawberry Perl source control.
    • Uses installed-file-checking routine to avoid crashes during relocation.

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