README for Tk::Tree

This is a port of the Tix widget "TixTree" to Perl/Tk.

My hope is that this will be merged in the normal Perl/Tk distribution.

Please note that a Tree is not Scrolled like in Tix.  If you want it
scrolled use $w->Scrolled( qw/Tree .../ ) or $w->ScrlTree( qw/.../ )

This is my first foray into Perl/Tk programming, so I have certainly
got some things wrong.  I'll be happy to fix any bugs or unimplemented
features that you come across.

This release includes:            Base class for Tree             The Tree class        Implements tixEvent and tixGetimage
    perl-tix-tree       Perl version of Tix4.1.0/demos/samples/Tree.tcl
    perl-tix-dyntree    Perl version of Tix4.1.0/demos/samples/DynTree.tcl
    adjuster            An example with an adjustable window.
    HList.patch         Required patch for    Already patched version of 2.013

This is a *required* patch for the that comes with Tk402.003.
It is installed automatically.

Chris Dean
12 January 1998